The Asia Pacific International Conference

6 participating countries, hosted at SIMSREE

SIMSREE shines at B-School Awards

Another 6 feathers added to SIMSREE's already well adorned hat when the institute bagged accolades at Dewang Mehta and Dainik Bhaskar Awards

Guest Lecture by Lord Meghnad Desai;

A phenomenal Guest lecture by a celebrity economist in the institute campus

SIMSREE Annual Finance Summit FISCUS'13

SIMSREE had the honour of having Mr. Seshagiri Rao – the JMD and group CFO for JSW Steel , on Campus for FISCUS'13 organised by the Finance Forum

SIMSREE Foundation Day

30 glourious years in the field of education

SIMSREE Annual Finance Summit FISCUS'12

SIMSREE had the honour of having Dr.Subir Gokarn, Deputy Governor RBI on Campus for FISCUS'12 organised by Finance Forum.

SIMSREE Students meet US First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama

The winning SIMSREE team consisted of Akanksha Sharma, Michelle Rodrigues, Akanksha Bhalla, Upasana Koul and Pratik Mittal.


SIMSREE had the privilege of having Mr.Vishwas Nagre Patil,IPS officer and addl. Commissioner of police (West zone)on campus for Sankalp'13 organized by the SSR committee

SIMSREE Students win Dandekar trophy 2011

Michelle Rodrigues and Clitus Fernandes, have won the prestigious Dandekar Trophy 2011 presented by the Bombay Management Association.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sankalp 2015: Social flagship event of SIMSREE

Thoughts do more. Words do much. Actions do much more
Following the above quote, the Student Social Responsibility (SSR) Committee organized the annual social flagship event of SIMSREE i.e. Sankalp on 7th March 2015. The theme Sankalp’15 was ‘Theory into Practice’, which means not just giving ideas, but carrying out necessary actions to implement them. The theme highlights how each individual can make a huge impact in bringing out a positive change in the society.

In line with the theme, the SSR committee came up with an initiative ‘LAKSHYA- aim to educate’.  LAKSHYA’ is an initiative wherein the students of SIMSREE will be actively involved in educating the children of a local BMC school, with the ‘Lakshya’ of enabling them to not only clear 10th grade, but also develop a strong foundation for the bright and promising future that awaits them. This will be implemented from July 2015 at SIMSREE.

The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. Madhav Chavan, CEO and Co-founder of Pratham Education Foundation. He is also a former Member of the National Advisory Council of India and member of the governing council of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Mission (SSA) of the Government of India.

The event started with an address by our Director Dr. Sandhya Dhabe introducing the theme of the event and emphasizing its importance. Our HOD Finance, Prof. Sangeeta Pandit, explained the students the importance of being involved in social activities. This was then followed by an inspiring speech by our chief guest focusing on the need and methodology of educating young kids. His emphasis was on motivating the kids to learn, rather than focusing on how to teach them i.e. do not teach them concepts, but increase the curiosity in them so that they will learn even when you are not there. This will also help the mentors learn a lot in the due course. He urged the students to actively volunteer in this initiative. Also, it was very kind of him to extend his support for the implementation of ‘Lakshya’.

After the initial inauguration, we moved to the final rounds of the competitions held during Sankalp’15. SSR committee along with ESSAR FOUNDATION organized the social b-plan competition, which saw the highest participation among all competitions. Top 5 teams were chosen for the final round, which was judged by Mr. Neerav Parekh (Director, Iksula) and Mr. Nilesh Halde (Director, AppLions Pvt. Ltd). The teams presented their ideas of a socially motivated profitable business plan, with top 2 teams being declared as the winners.

Other competitions included
a.       A case study competition: Solving the issues of secondary education in government schools in India (in line with the initiative Lakshya)
b.      Social vision competition: What will be your tipping point? (inviting people to share their socially motivated dream)
The case study was judged by our HOD Finance, Prof. Sangeeta Pandit and Dr. Arvind Dhond (President and Treasurer of all India Teachers Association), where top 6 teams presented their solution.

 The ideas and enthusiasm of the participants in each of the competitions, the involvement of the jury and the support of ESSAR FOUNDATION significantly raised the standard of the event. We would also like to thank the students of SIMSREE for their active involvement in the initiatives and events by SSR committee.
“We are all born with a divine fire in us. Our efforts should be to give wings to this fire and fill the world with the glow of its goodness.”

-A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Thursday, March 5, 2015

OSTC UK organises Open Day for SIMSREE students

Onscreen Trading and Trading Connections i.e. OSTC had invited the students of SIMSREE to its premises on the 13th of January to interact with them and provide them with insights on how the world of trading moves as a juggernaut and also provided a hands-on-experience on the intricacies of trading at live terminals.

The visit commenced with a short presentation by Mr. Chintan Thakkar, wherein he started by describing in brief about the founders of the company and the course through which the company progresses, from a small office in the UK started by 4 friends to a multinational corporation. The students were very fascinated by the world of proprietary trading and had several doubts regarding the same as a career option. Mr. Thakkar clarified these by explaining the functioning of the organization and the duties and responsibilities of a trader.

Some students from the delegation, having prior experience in trading, shared some of their own experiences in the field. Subsequently, Mr. Thakkar explained the career growth that the vocation of trading offers and what would the career trajectory look like for a fairly successful trader. He emphasized on the importance of discipline in trading; OSTC lays greater emphasis on sound strategies in trading rather than one-off gains.

This was followed by an explanation of the trading terminals used at the OSTC office and the different types of trades carried out. After a short introduction about the bid and ask rates of various asset classes and the rules that are to be followed by traders, the students were allowed to try make trades on the terminal. This was perhaps the most exciting part of the open day experience for the students since most of them had never operated a trading terminal before, most certainly not on the scale that professional traders at OSTC were used to.

OSTC organized an hour long trading competition among the student delegates to trade four different products out of the 100 plus products that OSTC traders work with, in a way that would maximize gains by hedging risks efficiently. The announcements about key macroeconomic indicators kept beaming across the PA system and kept the students on their toes. At the end of the trading hour, the students were very enthused and the team with the highest gains was awarded a surprise present from OSTC.

The open day ended with the students being allowed to recce the OSTC office and interact with traders to further understand how trades were carried out. This concluded a very engaging and informative open day and SIMSREE students were thankful to Mr. Sanket Joshi and Mr. Chintan Thakkar for making it happen.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Guest Lecture by Dr. S. Srinivasan

On Wednesday, 7th January 2015, Dr. S Srinivasan delivered a lecture at SIMSREE on the topic of 'Stress Management by Staying Alert'. He is the Chief Learning Officer at Wockhardt Foundation and MD at Wellness Consultant and has four decades of experience in healthcare and human behaviour.

He started off the discussion on a lighter note by explaining how stress forms an integral part of our lives. He stressed upon the importance of wellness and life skills by demonstrating several examples. Striking a balance between work and personal life is of essence and stress management involves mutually balancing the two in order to lead a stress free life. Stress is not what happens to us but how we react to whatever happens to us. In order to manage stress, we have to manage our reaction and not the stressor. And only an alert mind can manage its own reaction. So it is imperative that we stay alert and control our emotions and reactions to a particular situation.

He further emphasized the importance of 5S management in lifestyle which includes – sleep, sex, snacks, stamina and spirits. By using the 5S, we can manage the 6th S i.e. soft skills and get ready to tackle the 7th S which is ‘Stress’.

Dr. Srinivasan explained the concept of 'Amygdala effect' and also how different parts of the brain help generate different emotions and responses to a particular situation, sometimes increasing the stress levels. He emphasized upon the difference between 'high road' and 'low road' and how managing the two leads to effective management of individual stress levels. He then shared some anecdotes of how people who overcome their limitations and inhibitions lead a 'Balanced Life'.

We are really thankful to him for giving us great insights into the literal meaning of the word 'Stress' and giving us some tips in order to overcome it. The entire session ended on a positive note and it turned out to be a great learning lesson for all of us.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CONFLUENCE '15 - Annual Consulting Conclave by SIMCON

SIMCON-SIMSREE Consulting Club organised its Annual Consulting Conclave, Confluence on the 8th of February, 2015. The event is in its third year. SIMCON has succeeded over the years in building strong and beneficial relations with corporates. The event is aimed at bringing management students and the corporate world together to generate insights into current happenings in the industry. Based on the theme “India -A Gateway for Global firms”, Confluence ’15 aimed at focusing upon the industry requirements and steps the government can take to ensure progress for the country.
The event began with the Welcome Note by Director of SIMSREE, Dr. Sandhya Dhabe. She introduced the theme for the event & highlighted the significance of relevance of the theme in present times.

In line with this theme the Chief Guest for the event, Mr.Vivek Kulkarni (Founder & Chairman, Brickworks India) spoke on the topic “Supremacy for India amongst emerging markets”. Mr. Kulkarni highlighted upon various statistics showcasing India as the path ahead for global growth. Even through google trends, India could be seen as being highest searched. Mr.Kulkarni also quoted IMF in saying “India’s economy will overtake China in terms of its annual growth rate by 2016.”
Post the Chief Guest speech, it was time for the first panel discussion. The topic for discussion was “India’s Investment Landscape –The Road Ahead”. The panel discussion consisted of the below panellists:
·        Mr.Girish Vanvari (Partner & Co-Head Tax, KPMG)
·        Mr. Prateek Pant (Executive Director, RBS)
·        Mr. Anant Gupta (Vice President, Kedaara Capital)
·        Mr. Santhi VIjetha (Director, Grant Thornton India)
·       Ms. Mukti Hariharan (Vice President, Credit Suisse) – Moderator

The panel highlighted the policy paralysis along with various other issues plaguing the scope of growth for India presently. Mr. Vanvari highlighted how they need to keep themselves on toes to understand the ever changing laws. He also threw light on the fact that the Companies Act 2014, was actually tabled in 2002, but was passed in its present form in 2014. This showed the policy paralysis prevalent in the governance of the country. The panel touched upon the topics of GAAR, GST and other such policies that prevent multiple investments in India along with how India has the potential to tap into multiple such opportunities with regards to FDI, FII through M&As etc. The discussion revolved around activities that would result in ease of doing business in India like Tax reforms, GST, single window clearance and other such activities. The wariness of the investors in investing in India was cited by examples like the Vodafone Tax case. The conclusion of the discussion was that unless India removes the road blocks, it would not attract huge investments. The first panel answered the queries put forth by the students from various topics such as Tax, GAAR.

The second panel discussion was more related towards how the industry needs to modify itself or suit itself to do business in India. The topic for discussion was “Adapt or Innovate - The Mantra for Survival & Sustained Growth’ from a marketing perspective. The panellist were:
·        Mr. Mohan V ( Former Executive Director/VP, HJ Heinz)
·        Mr. Vinay Gupta (Business Head, VG Retail Consulting)
·        Mr. Sandeep Zutshi (CEO & Co-Founder, Ascentaz Consulting)
·        Mr. Sunit Kishore (Head of Marketing, Novartis)
·        Mr. Joydeep Roy (Member of Governing Council, IIB) – Moderator

Discussion started with Mr. Roy giving a brief about the discussion and handing over the reins to the panellist one by one and keeping a check on the time at the same time. The discussion flowed in a question answer format where the moderator would ask a question in order to structure the discussion. Mr. Zutshi started with different types of innovations that we see in the world today- product, process, communication and technological innovation. Be it the Nirma case or the Balaji wafers case, product innovation is right in your face and hence the most visible. But given this fact, it is the technological innovation which retains imperious benefits and far-fetched benefits giving rise to a host of opportunities. The discussion moved then towards how Indian markets perceive any innovations. The session being an interactive one, the famous question of which of brick and mortar or e-retail industry would dominate in India came out. This was answered in different perspectives with Mr. Vinay Gupta explaining that the market always come to an equilibrium – eventually price would not be the competing factor but service alone would be the deciding factor. Mr. Mohan talked about how innovation is sometimes has to be achieved in the realms of the business and brand. Mr. Mohan talked about how Heinz had taken tougher route of launching ketchup in India; when it first launched its operations here; instead of making local tomato chatni which Indians are already fond of eating.  This is how brands operate in terms of maintaining their legacy along with driving innovations. Mr. Sunit Kishore steered the discussion towards the pharma industry and expressed how innovation is actually an over hyped word in the industry circles and how companies view innovation as just a task to do and hence do it for sake of it. This statement gave a very interesting path to the discussion and everyone started about their experiences of such incidence in their industries.

Overall the session was very interactive with students asking a lot of questions and the panellists and moderator answering them with patience. The students gained a lot of insights from both the panel discussions & from the Chief Guests addressal.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

MINDZ'14 by SIMSREE in association with JLTI

SIMSREE successfully hosted a first of its kind insurance broking competition named MINDZ’14 in association with Jardine Lloyd Thompson India Pvt. Ltd. (JLTI) in October- November 2014. The event was organised and coordinated by the Corporate Relations Committee, SIMSREE.
About JLTI

JLT India Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group. Set up in May 2007 as a Global Shared Services Centre for the Group, JLT India has grown significantly to become the second largest office of the Group, supporting both Employee Benefits and Risk & Insurance operations of the Group. It is the first company in the Group (and one of the first companies in India) to achieve the international standard for business continuity management, ISO 22301. JLT India provides a multitude of services under 7 main verticals viz. Operations, Finance, Group Business Process Management, Information Technology, Knowledge Services, Legal Risk & Compliance and Human Resources.

About Mindz’14

Mindz 2014 is an inter college insurance broking event, that tests the statistical, strategic and analytical skills of the participants along with their ability to work in teams.

Format: The game comprised 3 rounds which involved an online quiz, an online insurance broking simulation game and a case study presentation round.

Timeline: The 1st and 2nd rounds were held between 12th October and 18th October and the last round was held on 26th November. 

      Rs. 50,000/- for the winning team
      Rs. 30,000/- for the runner up
      Gifts and certificates worth Rs. 20,000/- (total) for teams that complete Phase 1

Participation: Entry into the event was by invitation only. A total of 8 prestigious b-schools namely SIMSREE, ISB Hyderabad, NMIMS, NITIE, SJMSOM, SIBM Pune, SIMSR, SCMHRD had been invited to this competition.

Unique features:

      The online simulation game was played concurrently by the participants and JLTI employees
      Teams from b-schools which qualified from round 2 were merged with those qualifying from JLTI for round 3 i.e. the case study presentation
      These teams were assigned a mentor each, who guided them through the case study round
      The teams had to present the case study to senior JLTI management and their global counterparts for the final round

This unique format of the competition enabled students to experience an ideal corporate interface like never before. Also, it was a first hand learning experience as they teamed up with people already working in the industry.

The Finale:
The Final round of Mindz 2014 - the case study presentation was held on 26th November, 2014, at JLTI, Mumbai. The top 5 teams qualifying from the second round (Periloscope), both from B-schools and JLTI were given three primary topics to present on. Their presentation and ideas were judged by a panel comprising the JLTI management and their esteemed global counterparts.
Every presentation was followed by a comprehensive Q&A round. The contestants were judged on the quality of insights and research on the topic chosen, team work, presentation quality and responses to the questions asked by the panel.
At the end of all presentations, the judges adjudged team INVICTUS from SIMSREE and team MAVERICKS from JLTI as winners of JLTI Mindz 2014. They combined to form team BIZ WIZ for the last round. The team from SIMSREE were praised for their leadership qualities and the poise shown by them throughout the presentation and the subsequent Q&A round.

We would like to thank JLTI and all the contestants for making this competition a success. We hope to be back soon with a bigger and better Mindz 2015. Keep watching this space!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Guest Lecture by Dr. Michele V. Gee

There was a guest lecture by Dr. Michele V. Gee on 7th of January 2015 in the SIMSREE Auditorium. The topic of discussion was "Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Management". 
Dr. Michele V. Gee is the Associate Dean at College of Business, Economics and Computing (University of Wisconsin, Parkside - USA). Professor Gee specializes in strategic management and international business. She currently teaches Business Policy and Global Issues in Management. Prior to her academic experiences, Professor Gee was a marketing manager at IBM and AT&T. Professor Gee has presented her research in numerous international, national, and regional academic and professional conferences on topics such as cross-cultural management, strategic analyses of organizations and industries, and economic development issues. She has reviewed existing and proposed textbooks in strategic management, and has provided extensive strategic planning consulting to organizations and businesses.
While talking about Global Corporate responsibility she said that India ranks amongst one of the topmost countries, where importance is given to social responsibility. When she asked students about the importance of CSR, nearly 98% believe that it is important to give something back to the society as CSR. She was overwhelmed with the response of students and also further cleared that there would not have been same response if she asked same question in US. Hence the difference in views of the people makes it really difficult to judge whether it is a right decision or not. 
She also explained that rules for abortion in INDIA and that in US are way different. Thus, it creates a big question in the minds of people that what is to be considered right and what not. Similar is the thought process for the Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Management. This short lecture helped students in understanding not only National perspective but a Global perspective for the topic which was discussed. A broader view for the same cleared the importance and scope for the CSR activities and its importance in the near future.
The session overall was very interesting and interactive which gave students new perspective to look towards the subject of Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategic Management.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stem Cell Transplant Awareness and Donor Registration Camp

The SSR committee of SIMSREE along with the Marrow Donor Registry India organized a Stem Cell Transplant awareness session at SIMSREE on 12thJanuary followed by donor registration camp on 14th January, 2015.
Marrow Donor Registry India (MDRI) is an NGO started a few years back in Mumbai, India. They have taken up this project purely with the aim and intention of saving numerous lives of patients in India & Globally who are suffering from life threatening diseases like Blood Cancer, Thalassemia, Lymphoma, Aplastic Anemia etc.
As stated by MDRI, these less fortunate patients can be completely cured only by a new revolutionary Technology/Concept called Stem Cell Transplant. Usually they can be getting a match within their own family, but the chances are only 25%. MDRI was started with the concept of gathering data of Unrelated Voluntary Donors. Patients in India are facing a difficulty in finding matching donors for transplant, due to lack of awareness amongst the people. Transplant is possible only if there is a full match of HLA/DNA Tissue Type of the donor who will donate their stem cell for dying patients and the chances of a full match are very rare i.e. 1:20000. Their biggest challenge is in finding a voluntary donor, who is considerate, dedicated, altruistic and committed to saving human lives.
SSR committee invited Dr. Praveen Clement, a medical officer with MDRI to share his insights regarding stem cell transplant concept. He successfully addressed the concerns with respect to stem cell donation and motivated many students to be stem cell donors. On 14th January, a registration camp was organized where 58 students registered their names with MDRI and pledged to be available whenever the need arises. The registration process included filling a form and giving 6ml blood for testing. This data will be in the MDRI database for future reference.
We appreciate the efforts taken by MDRI to spread awareness about Stem Cell transplant and also appreciate the active participation of students of SIMSREE to support this cause.